3 Ways to Convince Your Boss (Without Being Dishonest) to Invest in HR Automation

Picture this: You’re with your boss, all pumped up to pitch your idea of using automation to modernize your HR team, increase your productivity and impact on the organization. The only thing remaining for your idea to get implemented is the approval from your boss — a stern executive who’s adept in saying “No”, especially to the HR department that’s often seen as a staff support function rather than a profit center. 

But, what if your boss is lurking in the dark-ages, expecting you to set up and run a modern HR function with medieval tools and processes?

Your job may be “recruiting” or even “recruiting and onboarding” but probability is that your boss dons even more hats. It’s oftentimes easier to dwell in the status quo (even if it’s not working) than to agree for a radical change like the one you’d like to implement.

So how do you make a persuasive argument to convince your boss to invest in HR automation? Education, patience, and perseverance are a key here. 

The following three tips will help you backup your case:

1. Laying the Groundwork.

Let’s face it – you can’t sell technologies internally overnight. You need to plan and lay a solid groundwork over long months to make a strong pitch to CFOs, CIOs, or COOs. You might need to formulate a one-to-two-year life cycle technology plan for this idea to get recognized or accepted. 

Timing plays a key role here. A smart HR leader can identify the right business conditions and the right C-executives to start a higher-stakes pitch. S/he can truly make the stakeholders understand that a mere upgrade of the existing manual processes or siloed applications to handle different facets of the HR function does not make business sense. That’s when the HR leader can suggest moving to an HR automation platform that will address strategic HR needs far into future and result in many more tangible and intangible business outcomes.

For example, if you’re struggling with employee onboarding, showing how an HR platform that can automate your onboarding process can help you deliver a memorable employee experience from the day one and reduce employee turnover to significant degrees. 

2. Show ‘em the Money.

Show your boss the undeniable proofs that automation in the HR space works. Leverage case studies featuring businesses, similar to yours, that have used an HR automation platform to increase their productivity and save costs. 

Did you know that by simply automating employee onboarding, you can significantly cut your costs by 80%? Successful HR automation integration can significantly contribute to process improvements and workplace efficiency optimization that save money and allow the department to make a greater contribution toward reaching overall company’s strategic goals.

It can help you significantly reduce costs by streamlining the processes involved in employee onboarding, payroll processing, benefits administration, time tracking and workers’ compensation management. HR automation technology reduces human error associated with employee data input and accurately maintains the compliance data.

You can cite use cases to demonstrate how using an automation platform for your HR team can change focus dramatically from operational issues to innovation and being more competitive. This can be one of the key considerations for adopting HR automation technology as your organization gears up to reopen in the aftermath of COVID-19.

3. Convince from Products’ Value Perspective.

One of the key strategies is to have a clear understanding of the pain points or objections that your boss or other C-level audience might have. Try to schedule short meetings with each of them, if possible, to uncover their point of view(s) and specific issues that they’d want to highlight and seek those addressed in the vendors’ proposals.

Understand this: It’s a technology investment so your boss would consider this from a pure dollar- or cost-savings standpoint. So rather than focusing on the different products that you might be evaluating, it’s important for you to focus on the value that each of those can offer to streamline your HR function and help you in delivering a delightful employee experience.

Often times, bosses approve product proposal that solves for three needs:

  • Cost savings
  • Risk avoidance
  • Long-term strategic purposes

So, while cost savings might capture your boss’ interest, we recommend you to demonstrate how using HR automation technology can help you better serve your employees and improve their productivity to build a happier workplace.

Ready to Convince Some More?

Bad technology investment can be avoided. How? Free trials are an answer. It’s always better to prove the value of a product and then sign up for it from a longer-term perspective. 

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