Make life easier with Ben Admin platform

In today’s scenario we see lot of issues Small and Medium Size brokers face in their due course of action.

Managing benefits with pen and paper model has been the easiest way to operate their business. We come across brokers whose mindset is that technology eats up their profit chunks, reduces visibility of clients and requires lot of tech-knowledge to go digital. To eradicate this misguiding mindset, we would love to talk about Digital platforms that rather help brokers increase their book of business and alongside saves time that can be added back to their business operations.

UZIO is a digital one-stop-shop that brokers can deploy for their benefits management and can also provide this platform to their employer clients to get rid of HR/Admin/Compliance issues they face. This portal enables you to create your own agency management and you can customize and setup various hierarchies among brokers and account managers.

UZIO help brokers in seamlessly completing the Open Enrollment or Mid-year enrollments and creating Proposals anytime throughout the year effortlessly.

Perks of using a Technology:

  • Safeguards your business
  • One click for all features
  • Add back time to your business
  • Increase your book of business


Above all this, it helps brokers increasing the current book of business by expanding product portfolio on UZIO marketplace by offering ancillary products with nationally recognized carrier partners. The platform electronically delivers enrollment eligibility to its carrier partners. This for sure reduces cumbersome paperwork for brokers.

So don’t wait, make a prudent business decision. Choose UZIO and Wow your clients with the state-of-the-art benefits technology right from day one.

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