Human Resource Information System

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Employee Onboarding Software

Get New Hires Up to Speed from Day One.

Everything you need to make employee on-boarding easier, and that makes your new hires happy about their decision to join your team.

Set up the portal for new hires. Introduce them to the team, org chart, values, company culture and personal directories within the platform. Describe the business objectives. Assign checklists, personal email address, employee equipment and much more to explore.

Automate HR Onboarding Workflows

New hires can themselves update their records and get started with company policies, tax forms and much more, on the go. Information automatically syncs to Benefits and Payroll. Personalize the whole process as per your unique business’ needs.

Go paperless. No more clunky spreadsheets or long-winded email threads! Save theirs and your precious time from repetitive manual work.

Set Time Off Tracking

Create and manage time-off requests within our PTO management application. The information automatically flows into your calendar and UZIO payroll.

One Click Approval

Admins can manage and approve time-off requests from the employees. The information automatically syncs with payroll.

and much more..

Improve collaborations with your employees and create self-service options for enhanced employee engagement.
4.7/5 Stars