UZIO and TAG Resources Team up to Deliver 401(k) Benefits for SMBs

Reston, VA – March. 2020: UZIO, a Virginia-based provider of all-in-one HR, payroll and benefits platform to small and mid-sized businesses, today announced the availability of 401(k) solution in partnership with TAG Resources.

In today’s tough job market, when there is a competition for talent, this offering will allow UZIO’s SMB clients to help level the professional playing field as compared to larger companies. It helps SMBs attract and retain talented people as well as take advantage of tax breaks for offering the retirement plan.

The 401(k) solution, provided by UZIO in partnership with TAG, would be fully integrated with UZIO Payroll, HR and Benefits platform.

“To provide an integrated platform to our SMB clients for all their HR, Payroll, Benefits and Retirement planning needs has been our goal from Day 1. This is another step in that direction.” said Sanjay Singh, CEO of UZIO. “Our 401K solution offered in partnering with TAG Resources will help the employees of our clients plan for retirement as well as allow our clients to take advantage of tax breaks.” he added.

Established as the largest outsource provider of full-service 401(k) services in America, TAG Resources has teamed with industry leading recordkeeper Transamerica and various 3(38) Fiduciary Investment Managers to administer an innovative 401(K) Retirement Program. The TAG & Transamerica Exchange® is a program for businesses that allows employers to offer a retirement plan to their employees while reducing administrative burden, mitigating and transferring fiduciary risks and potentially reducing costs.

“This relationship with UZIO continues to broaden the market availability of the TAG Transamerica 401(k) Retirement Plan Exchange® and allows SMB’s the opportunity, through outsourcing their retirement plan to provide their employees with a retirement plan that rivals those of large and very large companies” said C. Neil Farnsworth, Executive VP of Sales and Marketing at TAG Resources. “We are happy and excited to add retirement to the list of services UZIO offers as outsourced solutions to SMB’s.

About UZIO

With over 150+ broker partners, 1700+ Employers relying on UZIO and 70+ carrier serving plans, UZIO offers an Integrated HR, Benefit Administration and Payroll technology platform for brokers, employers, and employees in the SMB space. UZIO enables SMBs to manage HR and compliance with its user-friendly platform and advanced features.

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Sunny Arora
Sr. Director – Head of Marketing & Inside Sales at UZIO, Inc

UZIO and TAG Resources Team up to Deliver 401(k) Benefits for SMBs