Automate your PTO tracking with UZIO

Time off and holidays automatically synced with HR, Benefits, and Payroll.

No more looking at the employees’ pay stubs, no math, no calculations.

Create and Customize Your PTO Policies

Create And Customize
Your PTO Policies

Setup and manage your PTO policies (Vacation, Sick, and Personal time off) based on your team’s needs, in a few clicks. Assign it to your employees in a hassle-free way. You can run the reports and organize the data by location, department, or date. You can introduce company-wide leaves, or even create individual policies for every employee if needed.
Time off the UZIO way

Time Off The UZIO Way

UZIO, a simple and intuitive employee time off tracking software, enables an employee to make a PTO request that gets routed to the manager for approval with an instant notification. When the manager accepts or declines the request, the employee is notified immediately. The balance is also updated automatically, without any hassles.
Employees’ Dashboard

Employees’ Dashboard

Employees can use UZIO’s time-off calculator to check their current PTO balance and any upcoming time off they might have scheduled on their mobile devices. This means fewer questions and stress for managers and HR, and easier planning for employees and their families.

Auto Sync with Payroll

Auto Sync With Payroll

The leaves used by the employees are automatically synced with the UZIO payroll. No more whiling away your previous time on complex calculations! The leaves are automatically adjusted in the final payroll and processed. Assign a policy, add employees and you’re set up for success. It’s that simple.

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