UZIO Payroll Software for Small Business

Enhance your business productivity and get rid off all the manual payroll administration. It’s easy to use and saves time & money.

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Manage Payroll With a Few Clicks

UZIO’s simplified cloud-based payroll software is readily available for businesses of all sizes. We offer the most modern tools for small businesses to process their entire payroll, manage compliance, tax administration, and keep a check on the salary spends with the best built-in reporting dashboards. All this with just a few clicks and super easy to use features.

in just $4.50 PEPM

+ $30 PM

Direct Deposit Feature

Stay away from the hassle of depositing salaries and incentives manually to your employees' bank accounts. Deposit directly to your employees' bank accounts calculated precisely and automated to save time and efforts.

Worry-free Tax administration

Our payroll experts handle all your state and federal taxes. UZIO file taxes on your behalf with the right government agencies every time you process the payroll without any additional cost.

Multiple Payroll Periods

Set-up multiple payroll periods as per your requirement. You will never have to worry about disbersing remunaration bi-monthly or weekly. Set up the period that you or your employee wants.

Employee Self-Service Platform

Your employees have the acces to all the necessary information and will never have to bother the HR again. They can view their pay stubs, paycheck history and more.

Empower your employees with the most user friendly Payroll platform Today!


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We're here for you.

We're here for you.

UZIO offers payroll platforms in all 50 states.

UZIO automates all their client’s state and federal tax filings at no additional cost.

Our executives make sure your platform is up and running within 24-48 hours.

Yes, UZIO payroll software easily integrates and syncs with the rest of the HRIS data automatically.

No, UZIO is a cloud-based payroll software. You can use your browser to access your dashboards and manage payrolls from anywhere within a few clicks.

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