Uzio has many incredible features that are included within the Base Package. We offer custom, premium packages that enable employers to streamline processes, create efficiencies, and strengthen core business values.

Employer Premium Packages

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Employer Training
Access to online knowledge center
Standard Support (Web)
Customer Success Manager
Benefits Administration
Online benefits management for wide range of benefit products 
Marketplace for wide range of Ancillary products 
Open Enrollment and Life Status Changes 
Simple New-Hire onboarding 
Benefits - Industry Benchmarking & Cost Modeling  
Advanced Eligibility Classes 
Advanced Contribution Strategies 
Active & Passive Renewals 
Employee Benefits Experience
Integrated 401(k) Plans 
Online Enrollment and Mid-year changes 
Benefits Decision Support 
Beneficiary Management 
Employee Resource Center 
Electronic Form Consent 
Employee Mobile App 
HR Platform
Employee Record Management 
Employee Directory
Company Org Chart 
Enterprise Login 
Hiring and Onboarding 
On-boarding/off-boarding task workflow 
E-sign I9 & W4 
Employee Documents secure storage 
Time Off Tracking
Create and Assign Policies 
Request & Approvals 
Automatic accrual 
Time off request history 
Employee Communication Tool
Communication Templates 
Email Groups 
Employee Compensation Report
Auto Import of Benefits Comps 
Configurable compensation line items 
Online Accessibility 
Compliance Suite
Compliance Forms Management 
Compliance Health Check 
State Form Compliance 
1094/1095 Report 
Business Intelligence
Benefits Management Dashboard 
Benefits Financial Dashboard 
HR, Benefits and Payroll Reports 
Payroll Change Indicator Report
Configurable Scheduled Reports 
Discovery Benefits COBRA Integration