Uzio for Employers

Uzio reduces your administrative burden and gives you a central control hub to conquer every HR challenge you may have today. Conduct enrollments, enjoy paperless professional on-boarding, track and deploy benefits with a single click, and access reporting at your finger-tips.

Employer Central Control Hub

Uzio sets up your employer homepage with business-friendly portals, so you can complete all of your tasks.

Uzio allows you to bring more value to your team through self service capability. Centralize your employee records across multiple platforms within the Uzio control hub.

  • Multitask all Your HR Responsibilities

    Uzio gives you the ability to implement and deploy employee benefits in real-time, across your enterprise. Track your employee engagement and progress. Allow for easy, self-service employee open enrollment; new hire on-boarding; and a smooth renewal process.

  • Additional Premium Apps Available

    Uzio has a suite of apps that are designed to integrate with your carriers and offer a full service of professional amenities to your employees. Deploy communications, run reports, create a resource library, and much more.

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Human Capital and Financial Accountability

Uzio offers dashboards that will especially help you with specific, essential functionality.

Uzio’s platform gives you the essential reporting necessary to any HR professional, within any sized organization.

  • Accurate and Detailed

    Uzio helps you understand your business by providing you real-time live metrics, graphically. You no longer have to rely on carrier stats and delayed information.

  • Understand Your Benefits Cost

    You will better understand how your employees choose their benefits and what your true costs will be. Break it out by benefit, enrollment census and both employer/employee contributions.

Reduce your Administrative Burden

Uzio provides you professional performance within a paperless environment.

Uzio helps you remain up-to-date on industry compliance and security. Manage benefits by employee classification and always on top of dependent eligibility and 1094/95 C compliance.

  • Tracking and Compliance

    Uzio makes tracking the progress of your employees very easy. Everything can be sent, signed, and collected electronically. Uzio always keeps you within compliant boundaries, keeping track of deadlines and enrollment progress.

  • Detailed Reporting and Data

    Uzio has many built-in reports to help you manage your human capital. Run detailed or summary reports on plan premiums and the cost-share of each product. Uzio also provides historical data on all employee profile and life changes.

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Features for Employers

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