Terms of Use

“UZIO” refers to the web site service(s) provided subject to these Terms of Use (“Terms”). The website is owned and operated by UZIO, Inc, a healthcare technology solutions company. UZIO is a website where consumers and businesses can research solutions for healthcare insurance exchanges and additional services related to the same.

The following words used in these Terms shall have the following meanings:

  • “Personal Information” shall mean all data and/or information provided by and about User.
  • “UZIO web site” shall mean all web sites on which UZIO, Inc. provides information, services, advice, products or material.
  • “User” shall mean all Users of UZIO web sites described herein.
  • “Products, Advice, Information and Services” shall mean all information, services, advice, products or material provided by UZIO, its advertisers, 3rd-party vendors or affiliates.
  • “Registration Information” shall mean the Personal Information User voluntarily provides to UZIO in the registration process, in order to fully access our products, information and services.
  • “Account Profile” shall mean the UZIO web site page(s) where the Personal Information that User has voluntarily provided is displayed, in compliance with User’s consent and agreement.

I. General

II. Products, Information & Services

UZIO is the a healthcare technology solutions company. There is no charge to User to access services of the UZIO web site. We provide our customers with the information about our healthcare technology solutions UZIO does not endorse or recommend any specific health insurance companies or health insurance policies. UZIO does not provide health insurance, tax or financial advice. UZIO reserves the right, for any reason, in our sole discretion, to terminate, change, suspend or discontinue any services on our web site, including, but not limited to, content, features or hours of availability. UZIO may also impose limits on certain features of the web site or restrict a User’s access to any part or the entire web site without notice or penalty.

III. Obligations of User

To provide only true and non-misleading information in the User account profile and in all communications with UZIO;
To comply with all laws, ordinances, statutes and applicable legislation and to respect all 3rd-party rights. In particular, User shall not:
a. Use or post any insulting or defamatory words, music, symbols, photographs or other similar content, regardless of whether said contents are directed at UZIO personnel or other companies or individuals;
b. Use or post, without authorization, any content protected by law (e.g. copyright, trademark, patent, utility patent, design patent or other intellectual property (IP) laws), or
advertise, promote, offer or distribute any goods or services protected by law;
c. To refrain from engaging in any of the following annoying actions, even if they do not constitute a breach of any applicable laws or ordinances:
Sending chain letters;
Performing, posting, advertising and promoting any form of illegal structural distribution measures (such as illegal multi-level marketing or illegal multi-level network marketing); or
Communicating in any insinuating, discriminatory or sexually abusive way (suggestive, implicit or explicit).
You may not provide, post or otherwise distribute, User content that:
a. violates any right of UZIO or any 3rd-party;
b. violates or encourages the violation of any municipal, state, provincial, federal or international law, rule, regulation or ordinance;
c. interferes with any User’s uninterrupted use of UZIO;
d. uploads or transmits viruses or other harmful, disruptive or destructive files, material or code;
e. disrupts, interferes with, or otherwise harms or violates the security of UZIO or any services, system resources, accounts, passwords, servers or networks connected to or accessible through the UZIO web site;
User is further prohibited from the following activities:
a. Employing any mechanisms, software or scripts when using the UZIO web site;
b. Blocking, overwriting, modifying and copying of any contents of the UZIO web site, unless said actions are necessary for the proper use of the services on UZIO web site. For example, the use of the “Robot/Crawler” search engine technology is not required for proper use of the services and is therefore prohibited;
c. Distributing or publicly disclosing the contents of the UZIO web site, without written permission; or
d. Performing any actions that may impair the operability of UZIO’s infrastructure, particularly actions that may overload said infrastructure, servers, bandwidth or other equipment or software.

IV. Changes to the services, products and/or information

V. General Disclaimers and Limitations of Liability

VI. Indeminity

VII. Data Protection

VIII. Right to Content Use

IX. Errors in Advertisements

X. Additional Terms

XI. Discontinuation of Service

XII. Customers Service/Support

XIII. Section Titles

XIV. Effective Date