The Benefits of HRIS Technology for Small Businesses

From onboarding to offboarding, the Human Resources Information System (HRIS) manages all of the data across an employee’s lifecycle. The simplest software available for HR businesses isn’t some upscale ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system; it’s an inexpensive cloud-based software that easily integrates alongside your business’s alternative applications! There are many different names for HR systems: HCM (Human Capital Management), HRM (Human Resource Management), and HRIS, but at the end of the day, they’re all just different types of HR software that manage employee information.

Why Use an HRIS System?

When you’re a small business it can be easy to think of Human Resources as a fixed cost line item with few variables—once the box has been checked, it’s time to move on to other things. However, as your business continues to grow, HR will have a big impact on your bottom line and requires an increasing amount of time to manage your employees’ wants & needs. As long as you can keep this impact a positive one, HR will provide a wide variety of benefits to your company, such as improved employee communication, improved employee engagement, and a highly successful recruiting process. However, these increasing needs will be nearly impossible (and highly impractical) to manage using simple spreadsheets, so you’ll want to consider investing in an HRIS such as UZIO.

Human Resources & Business Growth

Every business reaches a point where bootstrapping operations on pen and paper just isn’t enough. Although adjusting procedures over to HR software may seem intimidating at first, you’ll be happy you did—the overall boost in productivity will quickly unlock the many advantages of well-managed employees! 

HR systems and processes are crucial to business growth, but they rely on HR professionals having the time and tools to manage all of the different individuals in your organization. Left under-equipped and unprepared, your HR staff will quickly become overwhelmed with all the data management, compliance concerns, payroll taxes, and mountains of paperwork continually piling up on their desks. Fortunately, the proper HR software can help your HR staff keep up with the workload and manage paperwork more efficiently. Automating routine tasks will not only save HR time and money but also allows them to address employee concerns, rather than being solely focused on administrative tasks.

A Human Resource Information System offers the same benefits as an HRMIS, enabling HR managers to manage crucial data from multiple departments on a single platform. Without proper HR software, an HR manager’s daily tasks consist of managing massive unorganized datasets scattered throughout multiple platforms, which is a chaotic and strenuous task. Fortunately, HRIS platforms like UZIO provide much-needed relief, integrating data from multiple sources and allowing managers to automate routine tasks.

The Benefits of Using HRIS

An HRIS is a record-keeping system that will serve as your go-to for personnel data and employee information. A full-fledged HRIS like UZIO allows you to easily keep track of changes and is extremely helpful when it comes to staying compliant with the ever-changing business regulations. Information such as identification information, contact information, criminal records, and certification expiration dates can all be stored within the HRIS. This helps maintain accurate records while making the information easily accessible when needed. Best of all, this can be accomplished on a single platform!


An HRIS saves time while improving accuracy, which helps you track the data needed to advance your HR and business strategies. Different companies will need to track different data, but UZIO can easily adjust to your individual company’s needs. On top of data management, our HRIS also offers self-service options to both employees and managers. This enables employees to manage personal affairs on their own, saving them a trip to the HR department. When properly utilized, the HRIS offers an enjoyable experience to both the employees and the HR staff. Not all HRIS systems offer such a user-friendly experience, so that’s something to keep in mind when selecting your choice of HR software.


UZIO is an all-in-one platform that helps you eliminate inefficient operations and reach your full potential across HR (including benefits, payroll, and workers’ compensation). Our record-keeping system tracks every piece of information about your employees in a secure, cloud-based application, eliminating the traditional security risks of a paperwork system, so you can focus more on your business and less on unnecessary HR issues.