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Online Software Solution for the Benefits Broker

Uzio provides you with the best technology platform for your clients – current and prospective. Uzio allows you to transform to a digital broker and differentiate yourself from the “pen & paper” based brokers. Our technology will enable you to provide a fast and efficient deployment of your benefits in a true digital landscape that simplifies your clients’ experience. Impress your peers and clients with state of the art technology! Seize the mid-year client take over and win as the new broker of record.

  • Improve client retention through digital presence
  • Grow revenue per employee
  • Increase client base
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Introducing Uzio

Keep Track of Your Core Business

Uzio provides a high-level overview of your core business with a focus on key performance indicators. On a single page you will see a real-time snapshot of all active employers, employees and their current status.

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Client Control Hub for the Broker

Uzio provides their broker partners a client central control hub. From there, you can manage proposals and enrollments, keep track of deadlines and task action items. You may set up specialty benefits, complete paperless on-boarding and send out essential communications.

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Specialized Broker Tools

Take advantage of our specialized tools that will help you manage your business more efficiently. Uzio’s renewal calendar will eliminate a missed deadline and thus enable you to become more proactive. The commission calculator will empower you to remain fiscally responsible, while managing your business.

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Reduce Administrative Burden

Uzio allows you to bring more value to your team through self-service capability. Centralize your employee records across multiple platforms within the Uzio control hub. Additional a la carte premium features are available that increase efficiency while remaining cost-effective. Save time by improving data accuracy and eliminating dual entry.

  • Increased access to comprehensive benefits
  • Simplify
  • Cost transparency
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Introducing Uzio

A Complete Digital One Stop Shop

Uzio offers a very intuitive digital landscape for you to run your organization efficiently. You will have a suite of well-designed applications, within a paperless environment, at your fingertips to help lift the administrative burden off your shoulders.

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Real Time Tracking and Accounting

Uzio provides you with the Enrollment and Financial Dashboards to give you an overview of all your employees and your financial responsibility in real-time. You will also be able track your census, manage each employee individually with classification and centralize all your employee records and HR resources for them.

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Reporting and Compliance with Ease

Uzio has a complete section for you, dedicated to reporting. You will be able to see and print master reports of your employees and their dependents. Keep real-time tabs on enrollments, employee compensation, profile changes and billing.

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Empower Decision Making

Uzio allows you to easily view and shop for benefits. Details provided through a side-by-side comparison of all offerings. You will have access to a comprehensive benefits explanation, cost projections and a complete understanding of your company’s contributions. Data-lead recommendations help you to manage your benefit needs based on what fits your lifestyle and your family.

  • Decision support
  • Visibility of policies and co-pays
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Introducing Uzio

Complete Communication and Visibility

As an employee, the Uzio employee portal gives you a unique portal where all your HR communications can be kept and sent. You will also have complete visibility and understanding of your benefits package, as well as costs.

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Central Document Depository

Here you will be able to have complete and full access to all of your important HR and benefits documents. They will be stored electronically and are accessible anytime you need them. You may also review and sign documents as well.

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Ease of Access to Benefits and Resources

Uzio has made its platform accessible through any browser and mobile app. Now you can view, make life changes and change beneficiary status in just a few clicks. Check out your enrollment history, and be able to compare your costs.

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Key features

There are many things that sets Uzio apart. Click on key features for more information.


Uzio is dedicated to providing the best digital marketplace for benefits management. Learn how to become a partner with Uzio and make your products available to all our broker partners. Join us so that we can continue promoting and growing your brand to more SMB brokers, companies and HR professionals.

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