Miscellaneous Fees

Year End Fee
Year End Process$60.00 per entityAll payroll clients using UZIO for year-end filing are subject to this.
W-2 Printed FormsUp to 200 employees:
$5.75 per W-2
It only applies when UZIO prints the forms for employees who have set their preference to paper delivery, which is the default option.
201 to 500 employees:
$4.75 per W-2
Over 500 employees:
$3.75 per W-2
1099 Printed Forms$5.75 per print per contractorAll 1099 forms are printed and mailed to the Client’s Company mailing address.
Delivery Charges$17.25 per entityThe printed forms are sent to the Client’s Company mailing address. This fee applies only if one or more employees have chosen paper delivery.
W-2 Reprint$10.00 per W-2Assessed on any requested reprint W-2
1099 Reprint$10.00 per 1099Assessed on any requested reprint 1099
Corrections Fee
Reopen Year$200.00When a year has been closed and must be reopened to complete corrections.
Reopen Quarter$50.00 per quarterWhen amendments or corrections need to be made to a prior quarter.
Amended Returns$50.00 per returnAssessed on all state, local, and federal amendments completed.
W-2c (amended W-2)$35.00 per W-2Assessed on any W-2 correction
1099 Corrected$35.00 per 1099Assessed on any 1099 correction
Payroll Correction (void/adjustment)$35.00Assessed when client requires a correction to a completed pay run
Additional Fee
State Registration Charges$200Per registration
Client Payroll Return$50 per payroll returnWhen a client's banking details are changed and payroll is rejected.
Credit Return Charges$5.50 per returnWhen direct deposit is rejected due to incorrect employee banking information or When UZIO needs to retrieve funds from the employee bank account and is successful.
Incoming Wire Charges$15Wire fee per file (one for DD and one for tax impound)
Same Day ACH$100 per file plus $1 per item feeClient’s pay date is the same date as the day they process payroll
Next day funding$0.05 per transaction (employee)This expedite charge is applied when pay date is next business day and payroll has been processed
Non-sufficient fund (NSF)$200 each NSFWhen the Client’s Direct Deposit and / or Tax impound for payroll liabilities is returned
Return Holdover$100 per dayWhen Non-sufficient fund (NSF) return is not solved same day
Return Correction Request$0.50When employee banking details are updated and funds are rerouted
Collections return item$25 per occurrenceWhen UZIO need to retrieve funds from the employee bank account but it was unsuccessful
Note: UZIO reserves the right to change, adjust the fees specified above at any time at UZIO’s sole discretion. Any questions related to above fees should be sent at support@uzio.com