401(K) Solution

Affordable 401(k) Plans that Sync with Payroll and Benefits

94% of small business owners who offer a 401(k) solution to employees recognize it supports recruitment and retention.


UZIO has partnered with TAG Resources (the largest end-to-end 401(k) provider in America) to deliver customized 401(k) plans & benefits for small to mid-size businesses.  Our 401(k) solution syncs with our payroll so employee contributions are automatically deducted every pay period, with no extra work for you.

Key Features

Encourage your employees to save for their retirement with a 401(k) retirement account. UZIO can help reduce the mundane and time consuming tasks by automating the process for you and your employees.

Automatic Deductions

TAG syncs with our payroll that automatically deducts the employees’ contribution on each pay cycle, leaving employers worry-free from complex calculations with 100% accuracy.

Low Cost Plans

We partner with TAG Resources to bring you 401(k) savings with low fees and big value.

Administrative Task
Load Off Your Back

No more cumbersome, error-prone manual handling of plan change or update requests! UZIO eliminates complicated manual data entry work and the associated risk of human error(s). Our system handles all the administrative activities.

Compliance Assured

UZIO 401(k) solution will ensure that you are always in compliance and greatly reduce your exposure to fines and liabilities. 

We Help You Unlock A Happier Workplace

Our 401(k) offerings enable you to: