• As the insurance industry evolves and changes quickly, it’s important to have a technology partner that can evolve just as fast. Uzio is our partner for this. One of the most impressive capabilities that Uzio offers is the mid-year onboarding of groups. We have many employers who want the opportunity to start using this new technology right away, without waiting until renewal. Uzio gives employers that opportunity, and this process is not only seamless, but also very fast. We have had groups onboarded in the middle of their policy year, in less than 48 hours. This has made us look like heroes to our clients.” Read the full story

    JS Gagnon

    President, Employee Benefits

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  • Wanted to take just a moment to personally thank Uzio team for getting the issue corrected so very quickly. It is REALLY nice to work with a team of professionals who can program on the fly and make the system work when everything is panicked.

    I am looking forward to getting all of my groups into the system. We have already received one compliment from a customer’s employee about how much he likes our system.

    By this time next year I hope we can use the system much more effectively to do much more with less stress and effort on all our parts. Thanks again.”

    Shan Ricketts


  • Uzio has provided exceptional customer service and resolution to all of our concerns. They never hesitated to respond or assist with issues after normal business hours. They have always provided a resolution to every item I needed assistance with, therefore, I know that I can depend on Uzio to provide the level of service we are looking to provide to our clients. I would like to thank you for your many hours of dedication to our team and providing us with above par customer service!”

    Jennifer Bushee

    Sr Benefits Partner

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You are the best part of what we do. We set out to create a solution to many of the inefficiencies of the benefits management world. The testament to our work is in the results. We are adding new broker partners every day. They are in turn adding value to their clients and lifting many of their administrative burdens. HR professionals are delivering winning compensation packages to their SMB employees. At Uzio we are grateful for the opportunity to help and thank you for allowing us to serve you.

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