Helping businesses
unlock happier

Our Ideology & Value-system

At UZIO, we value and uphold these qualities:

We keep hierarchy to a minimum and ensure that information flows freely across the organization.  By default, all the information will be accessible to everyone.

We hire talented, self-directed individuals and give them the freedom to operate freely and make decisions on behalf of our clients to ensure our clients are always satisfied.

What We Believe?

We believe that entrepreneurs and small businesses are the engines of economic growth.

We also believe that starting and growing a business is very hard.  We know this because we have done it multiple times. 

Our mission is to make this journey a little easier for entrepreneurs and small business owners by offering our simple easy-to-use platform and expert support when needed, for all their employee management functions at a price that does not break the bank.

We believe that time and money are critical to the success of small businesses.  We allow them to keep more of it by offering a platform which values their time by its ease of use and pricing it such that it is cost-effective.  By virtue of our open architecture approach, we do not limit their choices.  We let them choose best-of-breed options for benefits and other HR functions.

We are a company obsessed with making SMBs successful.

Our Community

We love people. Our growing community in the United States of America is a testimony to the commitment and our mission to help businesses unlock happier workplaces.

Our Platform

UZIO for Employers

The all-in-one, fully integrated UZIO Platform enables the employers to go paperless and navigate the complexities of employee management in a few clicks. Our people operations platform is purpose-built to streamline HR administration, benefits management, payroll processing helping employers deliver superior employee experiences and unlock happier workplace.

broker-clients dashboard

UZIO for Benefits Brokers

UZIO is a cloud-based, technology platform that empowers the benefits brokers to transition smoothly from pen-and-paper based processes to digital initiatives. UZIO helps benefits brokers gain a competitive edge with the integration of technology in their core processes. It transforms the way they automate quoting & build proposals, track and manage their clients’ renewal dates and much more, in a paperless environment, and helps them to be more focused on maximizing the opportunities for their clients.

UZIO for Partners

The award-winning, intuitive UZIO platform helps some of the leading PEOs, ASOs, and CPAs leverage our technology to amplify their partnership programs and win new clientele, build additional revenue streams, and accelerate their growth journey. Our HCM solution empowers PEOs, ASOs, and CPAs to be more confident and competitive in their offerings