UZIO Data Integration Solutions & Services

Enhance your UZIO experience even more with our data integration & migration platform.

You may be using different best of breed applications to accomplish different tasks.

For example you may be using an industry specific POS system to capture hours for your workforce or you may use a particular ATS vendor for your recruitment needs.  It should not require you to copy and paste data from these applications into UZIO.

Using our Data integration platform, we can help you integrate your UZIO solutions with different applications you use.  This will allow data to flow seamlessly between your neighboring applications and the UZIO system and will reduce errors and save time.


Save time and Avoid errors.  On average, Uzio customers who use our integration platform save 10 hours of work per pay cycle.  Have your employee pour these hours into more meaningful work

Possible Integerations

This UZIO integration tool could be used to synchronize information from other apps to UZIO or vice-versa. Here is a list of solutions that UZIO can be integrated with.

Tracking System

Accounting Tools
& Software

Performance Management System

Point of sale
(POS) systems

Payroll Solutions

Management Solutions.

401k vendors

Attendance & timesheet management systems

Other HR &
Productivity tools

Features & Services

Automate workflows

Create custom rules, connectors, and logic to ensure the data flow is controlled, and as per the needs of your business.

Two-way integration

Allow the information to flow from various third-party applications to UZIO and conversely.

On cloud deployment

No software installation is required and the integrations can be securely performed on the cloud.

Documentation & support

Get access to multiple training documents and aid from our experts, to help you speed up the process.

Easy to use

Guided & easy user interface to help you easily grab the nitty-gritty of the platform and perform seamless integrations.

Custom integration services

Our team can handle complicated integrations that may need some extra hand. We are up for the challenge.

Check out our integration platform now.

We get along well with your apps.

Become an integration partner

If you think our technologies can work together, go ahead and give us a nudge. We would like to learn more about your product and integration objectives.