Delivering Strategic Employee Benefits

Right Coverage. Easy to Set up. Easy to Switch.

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ALL Benefits.

Health, Dental
& Vision

Attractive, full range of health, dental and vision plans available for you to choose from, compete for and retain top talent. Employees get to choose, self-enroll and manage their own benefits.

Life, Accident
& Disability

Accident insurances, illnesses and other disabilities, which may head off costlier problems, can be managed easily within UZIO.

Benefits (Tax Benefits)

Employees get to keep more of what they earn. Offer them tax saving benefits like commuter benefits which are tax-free benefits for employees.

Connect to

As employees choose their benefits, they get automatically enrolled with carriers. No more waiting period!


Attract and retain best talent with tax benefits and retirement savings options like setting up a 401(k) plan – a smart benefit option for your employees.



Become the preferred choice of top talent in the industry. Get our modern benefits management software on your team. Employees get fuss-free access to comprehensive benefits choices and complete guidance from handpicked certified advisors on tax savings and retirement plans.

with Payroll

UZIO ensures perfect harmony between your benefits and payroll. Deductions automatically flow into payroll with zero probability of human error. UZIO also integrates directly with your insurance carriers eliminating billing errors.


UZIO keeps your company fully ACA compliant to avoid potentially expensive mistakes. We generate 1094 and 1095 forms and file them electronically on your behalf.
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Delivering Happy
Employee Experiences
isn’t that hard.