Uzio for Brokers


For preferred local & regional growth-oriented brokers who are challenged with lost revenue and increasing client expectations,

Uzio is an empowering partnership that provides a cost-effective solution that simplifies benefits management for SMBs.

Unlike other offerings, Uzio improves client retention, grows brokerage revenue and facilitates new client acquisition strategies.

Uzio for Employers

Employer Central Control Hub

Uzio sets up your employer homepage with business-friendly portals, so you can complete all of your tasks.

Uzio allows you to bring more value to your team through self service capability. Centralize your employee records across multiple platforms within the Uzio control hub.

  • Multitask all Your HR Responsibilities

    Uzio gives you the ability to implement and deploy employee benefits in real-time, across your enterprise. Track your employee engagement and progress. Allow for easy, self-service employee open enrollment; new hire on-boarding; and a smooth renewal process.

  • Additional Premium Apps Available

    Uzio has a suite of apps that are designed to integrate with your carriers and offer a full service of professional amenities to your employees. Deploy communications, run reports, create a resource library, and much more.

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Uzio for Employees


Master Your Broker Portal

Your central control hub with a 360 degree view of your clients.

Uzio gives you the ability to manage your clients and deploy all functions of your business from one central location.

  • Uzio As Your Partner

    “Uzio will help you set up and upload your client data. We provide you, your clients, and their employees with 24 hour customer and technical support.

  • A True Technology Platform

    Manage all account activities within a paperless environment. Create benefits plans, manage employee census, classifications and enrollments. Track real-time data, share links and resources.