UZIO for Employees

UZIO understands the complexity and overwhelming task of choosing right benefits for you and your family. The UZIO platform will make you more informed and relieved about your benefit selection, and is flexible in accommodating to your life changes.

Employee Access Anytime

UZIO is available online and through a mobile platform (Android & iOS). Transparent, paperless record keeping, task management, and benefits summary.

UZIO understands how things used to be; long wait times and countless requests for documents and status. You can now find a central document repository where you can access your entire file, and update and address all task progress and status.

  • Intuitive and Interactive

    UZIO was built to be easy to use and understand. Benefits management is already complex, but UZIO helps to simplify and streamline the process of electing benefits for you and your family.

  • Transparent and Informed

    UZIO has made available a decision support system that will help you walk through and make informed decisions about your benefits.

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Administratively Agile

UZIO has features that make adding and changing life events easy to do whenever they occur.

Acquire certifications, make claims and adjust your profile year-round. Paperless benefit election through DocuSign and e-signature. Keep your profile current and up-to-date to accommodate any life changes. Save time and money from using UZIO’s integrated platform.

  • Save Time and Take Control

    You can complete safe and secure transactions and data exchange. With UZIO, you have access to all carrier documents, HR forms and templates, and complete tasks electronically with receipt of completion. Understand your costs and have all HR resources accessible to you, 24/7.

  • Paperless Professional Onboarding

    UZIO wants you to have a first-class experience with your employer. Your portal has a notification system that keeps you on track with all deadlines and HR communications. If you are a new employee, your transition should be seamless with Electronic Data Integration (EDI).

Empower Decision Making

UZIO gives you the ability to understand your contributions and to elect benefits, as if you were going through an e-commerce website.

Compare plans side-by-side and the impact on your bottom line. Create and compare family compensation scenarios, such as most popular plan by age group, income, status, and classification. You can also better understand how your company contributions are calculated.

  • Enrollments and Benefits Election

    UZIO will help you with a comprehensive benefits explanation. You will be able to complete your yearly enrollment electronically, add beneficiaries online and have a year round access to it.

  • Understand Your Benefits Cost

    UZIO will help you better understand the financial impact on you and your family and break down your expenses per elected benefit. You can complete consent and keep track of your other compensations benefits from your employer.

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Features for Employees

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