Time Tracking

synced with Payroll.​

The time tracking app with an unparalleled experience, accommodating everything you need to track & calculate your employees’ working hours, and wages.

Embedded with rich features to manage timesheets, enable geofencing, sync automatically with payroll, approve payroll hours with a single click, and more.

Time tracking solution for both salaried and hourly employees.
Automate payments to your employees with no manual calculations accurately.

Time & Attendance

Managing time and attendance of your employees has never been simpler.

Easy Clock-In
& Clock-Out

Equipped with the geofencing feature the app allows employees to clock-in and out from anywhere using their mobile devices. It will help them share information smartly with ease.

The stored information then syncs with the rest of the system, and it gets easier for employers to process their employees' payrolls with all their info in one place.

Online Timesheet Management

Employees can update their timesheets online using the app and specify the hours contributed towards a specific project.

It allows the employers or managers to view the timesheet summary and calculated payrolls of their employees, and have the ability to approve or reject the same.

Quick Approvals

Employers can view the timesheet summary of their team members containing granular information such as total time, overtime, double overtime, associated projects, etc.

They can approve the timesheet, and working hours with a single click from the back-end. It will then further sync with the payroll automatically for accurate calculation.

Quick Employee Setup

Select the employees whose hours you need to track from the list of your employees. Just point and click on the employees, and you are all set. The employee needs to download the app from the android or apple store and get started by logging in.

Geofence Enablement

You can enable geofence as an optional feature for your employees which will give you the ability to track the employee's clock-in and clock-out geo-locations. The geofence radius around the specified work location can be set by the employer.

Job Codes Creation

You can create multiple job codes for your employees to track the time and payroll hours to a granular level.These job codes can be selected by employees when clocking in and allow the employer admin to view the working hours report against specific job codes.

Integrated with Payroll & HR

The data can easily sync with the UZIO payroll and HR solution. This allows the employers to create a consolidated employee management system with information synced across for accurate, uncomplicated, and one-stop employee management.

Access Anywhere. Anytime.

Time tracking and attendance management at the tip of your fingers


Simple Pricing. Extensive Features.