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As a staffing agency, you have been promised an end-to-end solution for your recruitment, onboarding, time tracking, payroll and billing needs but it was never delivered. So you continue to live with the “duct-taped” solution offered by your vendor and use Excel Sheets to run your business. Some of your challenges could be:

  • Manual and redundant data entry – not only costs you time but high risk of errors
  • System not intuitive – creates an added burden of requiring additional support
  • Little to no reports available – let alone being able to print them out
  • Disaster recovery – if the system goes down, what’s the SLA for recovering your data?

Ready to learn about an all-in-one Workforce Management solution built for the staffing agency that integrates your front and back offices, makes payroll processing a breeze and doesn’t break the bank in terms of cost.

At UZIO, we have developed a payroll system for the staffing industry. With our software, you will:

The greatest feature of UZIO is it’s scalability. As you grow, we are there right alongside you for the journey and will celebrate the success. Regardless of processing payroll for 10 employees or 100’s, we are your go to source.

As a staffing service provider, we understand you are an extension of your client’s Human Resources Department. The pandemic, workforce shortage, and now recession worries have added to the challenges you face.

Many of your priorities change on a weekly, and in some cases, daily basis. The more extreme or urgent the situation is, the quicker you will respond. When this is happening, some areas that need attention get left out. Payroll systems and procedures fall into this category many times.

Some will cut corners: not get the required time backups, not review time clock punches, fix missed or missed punches or fail to delete inactive users, verify if someone did forget to clock in or out, etc. You need a system that will assist in identifying these loose ends and help take the steps in making sure these challenges get eliminated.

If you face any of these challenges, call us! A free conversation can potentially save you thousands of dollars.