Fall SMB Growth Opportunities

Fall SMB Growth Opportunities: are you ready for it?

 August 30, 2022


Fall is upon us, and with it comes a renewed sense of energy and drive. For many, it’s considered a time for renewed efforts to close business. Let’s finish the year strong.  Many business owners find themselves invigorated after a hopefully relaxing summer vacation, and now’s the time to bump our growth efforts into high gear. More than 1/3rd of SMBs report that Q4 is the most profitable time of year for their business. Revenue growth numbers broken out by industry shows the following:

  • Online Retailers – 74%
  • Brick & Mortar Retailers – 71%
  • Restaurants, bars, and caterers – 47%
  • Transportation – 38%
  • Real estate and property management – 33%
  • IT and Software – 27%

Along with supporting this drive to grow the sales numbers frequently comes the requirement for additional resources to help support that incoming business.  It’s an all-hands-on-deck time for businesses. As you gear up for this finish push to finish the year strong, This is a great opportunity to reassess how well your resources will be in terms of supporting (versus hindering) your growth.  Is your payroll provider slowing you down? Are you stuck with time-consuming manual efforts and encountering payroll errors? This is a good time to look at ways to optimize these payroll processes and take advantage of tools that automate these manual processes. If you encounter issues, how well does your payroll provider make timely, live customer service available to you?  Do you have a dedicated account manager there to answer your questions?  While many companies have been scaling back their support services, this is not the time to cut back, rather, this is the time to provide optimal services.

As you take the time to look at how well your payroll provider supports your business, key features you should be receiving include:

  • Simple setup and onboarding process
  • Accurate tax filing and deposits
  • Direct Deposits
  • Robust Reporting
  • Integration 
  • Employee Self Service – including a mobile app
  • Top-notch customer support

If you are not getting these features, get in touch with us for an expert-led demo to learn about UZIO payroll services.