How HR Team can Ensure Maximum Productivity in the Time of Covid Crisis?

In only a matter of months, the world as we knew it changed dramatically, pushed into survival mode as it struggled to adapt to the ongoing COVID crisis. This situation is reflected in the global workforce, where people are struggling with the rapid shifts, health scares, and financial constraints. These constant changes are both stressful and confusing for employees, so they rely on the Human Resources department to control and manage their employment situation. Fortunately, an HRIS (Human Resource Information System) offers some relief to overwhelmed HR departments, providing much-needed support and a way to streamline procedures.

Daily operations and responsibilities of HR teams have been hit by the pandemic, leaving teams without a sense of direction or progress. It makes sense as the pandemic is a crisis of human health, but it also highlights the need for adjustments to be made to the HR function if companies want to match their previous productivity levels. Organizations that are serious about boosting their productivity need to provide their HR teams with the proper tools to achieve their goals. Without them, the bulk of the burden will fall on HR teams that are unprepared, unequipped, and unable to handle the tasks at hand.

Addressing the Remote Working Productivity Problem

It’s easy for managers to check attendance and access productivity while in the office. They can simply pull attendance reports and walk past workstations to ensure everything is up to par. However, when work is being done remotely, it’s impossible to physically check on and monitor staff members.

This presents a problem for employers who need to keep an eye on their employees’ attendance while also keeping productivity in check. Since the virus has rendered physical check-ins impossible, many companies have realized the need to move to a fully digital workspace.

By implementing and utilizing cloud-based integrated payroll solutions (such as UZIO), HR teams can quickly regain control of the employees they’re tasked to manage. Online HRIS and payroll software allow the same procedures and processes to be completed remotely, and the addition of automation allows the HR teams to stay ahead of schedule, not behind it.

HRIS & Payroll Software Is the New Standard

Adjusting to the “new normal” requires a new strategy, and that strategy starts with your HR management system. Since you can no longer evaluate and manage productivity in person, technology is key to enhancing employee engagement and boosting overall productivity. Of course, it’s important to remember that employee engagement is ultimately up to the employees, not the HR department. While mandatory webinars may seem like a possible solution to this, forced engagement is unlikely to promote productivity and may even decrease overall morale.

HR jobs focus on bonding with employees through regular engagement and interaction in a pleasant environment, but they’re also tasked with enabling the employees to succeed. By utilizing HRIS systems and online payroll services, HR teams can empower employees to succeed on their own by providing them with accessibility, automation, and insights. UZIO allows employees to request time off, view pay stubs, and manage their records remotely without relying on an already overtaxed HR department.

The HR department will also play a key role in any business during this pandemic. Administrative duties, benefits management, and record-keeping are where the real work lies. Processing payments on time, statutory compliances, maintaining communications, audits/inspection, updating employee information, reporting, and accounting are just a few of the many tasks left to the HR department. Many of these tasks have an overlap with payroll services, which offers a big advantage to teams that use integrated HR and payroll systems such as UZIO! By using a singular platform to manage both the HR and payroll departments, they can reduce the number of redundant tasks that need to be completed, as all relevant information is stored in the same database.

The constantly changing dynamics of the modern work environment make utilizing a digital system a necessity for the successful function of the HR & the company overall. Many HR teams around the world are already taking advantage of the systems available to them, but many others are yet to implement these changes. If you want your company to maximize its potential, then it’s important to adapt and reimagine your HR processes so that you’re not lagging behind your competitors. Take your company to the next level and provide your HR department with the tools they need to efficiently and effectively manage your business.

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