UZIO Announces Numerous Updates to Its Payroll, HR, and Benefits Management Platform

Driven by its goal to offer the best HR, Payroll, and Benefits Solution on the market for SMBs, UZIO is happy to announce the release of various new features and enhancements of its platform. These new features benefit both employers and their employees, saving them time and money and making them more productive.

SMBs using the UZIO payroll system will no longer need to worry about maintaining federal, state, or local requirements for minimum wage on a “per paycheck” basis. The newest round of updates will allow employers to set minimum wage rates for employees, which the system will automatically compare against employee pay stubs. If the system determines an employee is receiving less than the required minimum wage, their compensation for that pay period will be adjusted accordingly to meet the mandated minimum. Since many states require employers to provide PTO information, UZIO has also implemented “Paid Time Off Details”, an information field that is automatically generated on each employee paycheck, providing employees with their time accrued, used, and total PTO balances.

Adding more to the payroll, UZIO has added a new  feature where employers can modify the working hours of salaried employees from the default 40 hours to custom hours. Now employers can pay the contractors via check or direct deposit. Employers can access quarterly tax reports with just a click and Payroll Providers will be able to generate individual or consolidated ACH reports for their clients very conveniently.

The most recent round of updates has also improved the Time Tracking solution, allowing employees to manage their own time entries from the self-service portal. This feature is available to reporting managers as well. Entries can be added, edited, or deleted up to the point of manager approval. System administrators can enable or disable this feature as needed via the system settings.

The time tracking dashboard has been further enhanced to show paid time-offs and holidays in a separate column to avoid confusion. Also, the employees can apply for partial leaves from one or more policies for the same day.

“Our team has been hard at work this summer.  As our customer base expands, we are receiving great feedback from our customers and our team is using the feedback to continue to enhance our platform which further helps us sign up more customers. ” said Sanjay Singh, CEO of UZIO. “This is working like a flywheel which is picking up momentum with every product release” he added.

Interlinked companies will benefit from recent changes to the HRIS system. Documents uploaded to the Employee Documents module can now be shared between employers linked together via EIN. This enables employers to configure employee documents efficiently, processing employee documents for multiple companies at once, rather than on a per-company basis. Businesses that utilize contractor services (such as CPAs) to manage their group(s) will now be able to add non-employee users into the system. These users will appear as “Non-employee” users on the Manage Users page, making it easy to differentiate between employee and non-employee group users.

The latest round of updates to the UZIO platform will also benefit employees by allowing for shared contributions between employees and employers on voluntary disability plans. Previously, contribution amounts were limited to 100% by either employee or employer, but now the costs can be split between employer and employee. 

The other miscellaneous updates include enhanced tax withheld reports, detailed pay stubs, automatic overtime or double overtime earning codes, system syncs with user’s time zone, and more.

UZIO has released its third round of innovative updates this year as part of its pledge to provide excellent customer service to all of its customers. Throughout the remainder of 2021 and beyond, UZIO will continue to review, refine, and release new features on its mission of providing the best HR, payroll, and benefits solutions for the SMBs on the market.


About UZIO:

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