UZIO announces the addition of Payroll solution to its HCM platform for SMBs

Reston, VA – November. 2019: UZIO, the leading HR and Benefit Platform for SMBs, announced today the immediate availability of its in-house Payroll solution.

The Payroll solution, developed by UZIO, would be completely integrated with its state-of-the-art Benefit Administration and HR platform. The roll-out of the Payroll solution is one more step towards its goal of providing a one-stop-solution for SMBs for all their HR, Benefits and Payroll needs.

“Our vision has always been to meet the needs of HR managers at SMBs end-to-end” said Sanjay Singh, CEO of UZIO. “With the roll-out of our own Payroll solution, we are showing that we are committed to realizing that vision.”

“We are very pleased that UZIO is rolling out their in-house Payroll solution” said JS Gagnon, President of the Employee Benefits Division at Thomas Financials. “We have been a partner of UZIO for many years and a number of our customers have been asking for an integrated Benefit, HR and Payroll solution. Their needs would be wonderfully met with this new solution.”

SMBs have struggled in the past with silos solution for HR and Benefits.  HR and Benefit managers end up copying and pasting data across various HR, Benefit and Payroll solution they use. UZIO vision is to address this pain by providing an integrated in-house built HR, Benefit and Payroll solution.

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With over 150+ broker partners, 1700+ Employers relying on UZIO and 70+ carrier serving plans, Uzio provides an Integrated HR, Benefit Administration and Payroll technology platform for brokers, employers and employees in the SMB space. UZIO enables SMBs to manage HR and compliance with its user-friendly platform and advanced features.

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Sunny Arora
Sr. Director, Head of Marketing at Uzio, Inc

UZIO announces the addition of Payroll solution to its HCM platform for SMBs