UZIO Introduces Time Tracking Solution designed for SMBs.

Reston, VA – March, 2021:

UZIO, a SaaS based platform for HR, Payroll, and Benefits solutions for SMBs, today announced the availability of its Time Tracking solution for SMBs. The UZIO time tracking solution will work seamlessly with its HRIS, Payroll, and Benefits solutions. Similar to UZIO Payroll and HRIS platform, SMB owners who run multiple companies will be pleased to learn that this solution supports multiple companies on a single account, allowing them to switch between companies with just the click of a button.

SMBs often are at a disadvantage when it comes to finding one solution for all their employee related needs. They end up using multiple disparate systems for Payroll, HR, Benefits, and Time Tracking which many times leads to errors and extra work. UZIO’s mission is to make life easier for SMBs. UZIO’s SaaS platform offers one easy solution for everything an SMB might need to manage their workforce.  From HRIS, Payroll, Time Tracking to Employee Benefits and more, in the platform, everything works seamlessly without data being duplicated across multiple systems.  

The modern user interface of the UZIO Time Tracking Solution offers an easy way for SMBs to track the working hours of their employees. Using the device’s GPS, the UZIO mobile application gives employees whereabouts when clocking in, clocking out, or going on break. The optional geofencing feature will allow the business owners to set a radius around the employee’s work location if needed.

Time clocked through the mobile app will appear in the cloud-based platform, where it can be viewed as a summary, approved or amended during each pay period. SMBs won’t have to manually separate regular time, overtime, double overtime, or PTO as it is automatically sorted within the solution, saving them time and unnecessary paperwork. What makes it even easier for the employers is that all their information is synced with the Payroll and a summary of payroll hours can be viewed by the employers in one place.

“We want to be the company known for making the life of the business owner or the HR manager of an SMB, a little easier.  All the UZIO team members are driven by this simple goal. ” said Sanjay Singh, CEO of UZIO. “The release of our Time Tracking solutions is another step towards that goal.” he added.
UZIO Time Tracking mobile app is available both at the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android) for download. 

About UZIO

With over 150+ broker partners, 1700+ Employers relying on UZIO and 70+ carrier serving plans, UZIO offers an Integrated HR, Benefits Administration, and Payroll technology platform for brokers, employers, and employees in the SMB space. UZIO enables SMBs to manage HR and compliance with its user-friendly platform and advanced features. 

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