UZIO Releases New Product Features in the First Half of 2018

In the first half of 2018, the company released new product features that enhance the functionality of their platform. With these new features, HR will be able to handle more of their day-to-day through the UZIO platform, making it easier to keep track of their workflow. The new product enhancements include:

  • Hiring and Onboarding
  • Time Off Management
  • Compliance Health Check
  • Employee Communication
  • Redesigned Employer and Employee home pages
  • Form Generator

The hiring and onboarding, time off management, compliance health check, and employee communication applications are premium features available for employers. Each application helps streamline various HR functions. Below is a summary of each application and how the enhancements will benefit small businesses.

1. Hiring and Onboarding: simplifies talent acquisition and onboarding by allowing the employer to set up the hiring process electronically via the UZIO platform. There are templates for:

  • Offer letters
  • Agreement notices
  • Employee handbooks
  • Onboarding documents such as: Employment verification form (W-2), Federal and state tax forms, Custom documents, Onboarding task list etc.

2. Time-Off Management: this tool allows employers to create custom policies and automate tracking, accrual balances and adjustments. Employees can review time off requests, make updates, and request approvals. Some key capabilities include:

  • Real-time dashboard that shows who’s out and PTO balances
  • Managers and employee notifications of requests and approvals/denials

3.  Compliance Health Check: is designed for employers to answer a series of surveys to get customized advice that shows some of the blind spots an organization is facing regarding regulatory compliance. Employers can take the initial survey for free to see a brief list of recommendations that give them a taste of the module. The recommendations cover:

  • ACA and the Employer Mandate
  • Medicare
  • Other compliance related topics

“Building efficiencies for our clients is our top priority” said Ashish Jaiswal, Head of Product at Uzio. “With these platform enhancements, we are able to bring digital capabilities to the small business market by offering them a seamless integration of their day-to-day HR and payroll tasks that are fully automated and easy-to-use.”

4. Employee Communication: there is a new set of filters on the employee listing page and in the Communication App that enables employers to target communication to specific employees who have actions pending. The filters include:

  • EOI required
  • Missing account information
  • LSC not complete
  • Forms not signed

Additionally, the app had been enhanced to allow employers to create custom templates that fit their needs. They can name the template and save it to be used in the future.

The last two enhancements include revised employer and employee homepages and a form generator. The revised home pages were updated to accommodate all the enhancements made to the platform to help it be an all-in-one hub for employee management. The employer portal shows at-a-glance statistics, has employee record management, and shows an organizational chart and celebration updates.

The employee portal has been redesigned to accommodate the HR and payroll functions. They can view their demographic information and make updates as needed, and they can see existing benefits or initiate a life status change.

Lastly, the form generator helps employers manage paper forms more efficiently by bringing paper forms to an electronic format. Employers can load any document, regardless of format or document type, to generate pre-filled forms using data that is already available on the UZIO platform. The form generator allows text-tagging, where you insert a text box to an area of the form that needs to be completed, and our system will populate that part of the form with the relevant information.

For example, HR can upload a privacy form, text-tag the First Name, Last Name and Address, and when employees access the form, their first name, last name, and address will be pre-populated with their information. The employee will review, complete, and electronically sign the form, which saves valuable time for the employer and employee. HR can easily identify employees who have the form, that status of the form and when it is completed. Once the document is completed, it will be part of the employee’s profile, making it easily accessible and keeping it in a safe location to never get lost.

“UZIO is a pioneer in digital transformation” said Sushant Jha, Business Head at Uzio. “With over 2,000 employers on our platform, we have learned the pain points they face when dealing with their day-to-day tasks. We are confident these enhancements to our platform will help make their lives easier so they can spend more time on their strategic goals.”

All these LIVE enhancements make UZIO an all-in-one platform for employers.

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UZIO Releases New Product Features in the First Half of 2018