UZIO’s October Product Release – Exciting New Features!

Great Falls, VA.  October 23rd, 2023

At UZIO, our commitment to platform improvement remains unwavering, aimed at providing customers with a more robust and user-friendly experience. We are thrilled to announce a range of exciting new features that are launched month, which we believe will significantly enhance customer experience.

Here are the details of these features:

  • Background Checks in Partnership with Checkr: Seamlessly conduct background checks for current and potential employees via UZIO’s integration with Checkr, simplifying hiring decisions.
  • Project-Based Time Tracking for Customers: Manage customers, projects, and employee job assignments, including the ability to log hours based on projects/jobs, to streamline the customer invoicing process.
  • Copy or Transfer Employees Across Linked Companies: Admins can quickly copy or transfer employee records between linked companies, streamlining the process and will save time.
  • Block Federal and State Income Tax: Added option to temporarily block or change Federal/State income tax withholding for employees on the payroll grid.

Year-End Processing Changes:

  • Print and Mail W-2 Forms in self service.
  • Access W-2 Consolidated Preview and Final Copies for all employees in a single PDF.

Manage Contractor Payments: Delete contractors with no payments and input historical payments for 1099 contractors.

For more details about any of these features or any other query, please email or give us a call at (866) 404-0284.

A word from the CEO:

Right from the beginning, we have instituted a company culture where our team members make an extra effort to listen to the feedback from our customers and are always on the lookout for ways to improve the end user experience.” said Sanjay Singh, CEO of UZIO Technology Inc. “A number of enhancements in this release are the direct result of a collaborative working relationship we have with our customers where their feedback is listened to and given high priority as we make investment in our product roadmap.

About UZIO Technology Inc.:

With over 150+ broker partners, 1700+ Employers relying on UZIO and 70+ carriers serving plans, UZIO offers an Integrated HR, Benefits Administration, and Payroll technology platform for brokers, employers, and employees in the SMB space. UZIO enables SMBs to manage HR and compliance with its user-friendly platform and advanced features.