How Cannabis Companies Can Find the Perfect Integrated Payroll and HRIS Solution

Use Case – Cannabis Company Struggling to find an integrated Payroll, HRIS, Benefits Solution

1. Introduction

Our client is a cannabis retailer with flagship locations spread across seven states. It offers a robust selection of high-quality products through its premium retail stores, proprietary delivery service, as well as curbside and in-store pick up. It is a public company with more than five hundred employees across various locations. It was using a number of different vendors to complete basic functions like onboarding new employees, offering them benefits, running their payroll etc. Because different vendors’ solutions did not integrate with each other, the HR team was tasked with maintaining data across different systems in sync by copying and pasting data from one system to another. This was a significant issue which caused errors. HR team had to work overtime and members of the HR team were very demotivated and ready to quit. This use case highlights how our client overcame these challenges by partnering with UZIO, a specialized payroll, HR and benefits provider for the cannabis industry.

2. Challenge: HRIS, Payroll and Benefits not working seamlessly

Our client was using different systems for HRIS, Payroll and Benefits. When hiring new employees, the HR team had to first onboard the employee into the HRIS system and then manually push the employee data to the payroll system. When an employee was moved from one location to another, the payroll system required them to “terminate” the employee in one location and “hire” the employee in the second location. The “termination” triggered COBRA notice which the employee was told to ignore. The payroll vendor was using a “white-label” solution from a different vendor meaning the payroll vendor was not able to make any changes to the system to accommodate even simple requests from the client. The benefit administration module did not have EDI connectivity with the carriers. This resulted in the HR team and the benefit broker manually sending enrollment data to the carrier. This resulted in errors, delays in employees getting their benefit cards and burn out of the HR team working overtime to just keep the system operational.
Not able to sustain this any longer, the client started looking for another solution for their HRIS, Payroll and Benefits needs. They wanted to ensure the next solution will meet the following requirements:

  1. Integrated system: Our client wanted a system where HRIS, Payroll and Benefits work seamlessly together.
  2. Specialized Expertise: Our client sought a vendor with expertise in serving the unique payroll and compliance needs of the cannabis industry.
  3. Proprietary Technology: They wanted to work with a vendor that owned their technology platform, ensuring flexibility, customization, and quick responsiveness to their specific requirements.
  4. Transition: The transition from one provider to another needed to be smooth and efficient to minimize disruptions and potential errors.

3. Solution: UZIO - Empowering Cannabis Businesses

Amidst the time-sensitive situation, our client diligently evaluated various vendors in the market. After extensive research and careful consideration, they selected UZIO as their preferred partner. UZIO is renowned for its deep understanding of the cannabis industry, tailored solutions, and proprietary technology platform that meets the unique needs of cannabis businesses.

The partnership with UZIO enabled our client to address their challenges effectively. Here’s how UZIO’s comprehensive payroll, HR and benefits solutions provided the perfect fit for their requirements:

1. Integrated system

UZIO is an all-in-one HRIS, Payroll and Benefits system for the Cannabis industry. HRIS, Payroll and Benefits work seamlessly with each other. The system also offers EDI connectivity to all major carriers.

2. Specialized Expertise and Industry Compliance

UZIO understands the intricate compliance landscape that surrounds the cannabis industry. They possess specialized knowledge of the complex regulations, tax obligations, and employment laws that cannabis businesses must navigate. By partnering with UZIO, our client gained access to a team of experts well-versed in cannabis-specific compliance, ensuring accurate payroll processing and adherence to all regulatory requirements.

3. Proprietary Technology Platform

UZIO’s proprietary technology platform served as a game-changer for our client. With UZIO’s advanced platform, they gained the flexibility and customization options they desired. Unlike vendors that rely on white-labeled solutions, UZIO owns and controls its technology, allowing for quick and seamless customizations to meet our client’s specific needs. This ownership ensured that any changes or updates could be promptly implemented without relying on external parties.

4. Smooth Transition and Implementation

UZIO’s dedicated team understood the urgency of our client’s situation. They worked closely with our client to ensure a smooth transition from existing vendors to UZIO’s platform. With their expertise and seamless implementation process, UZIO successfully onboarded our client’s payroll, HR and Benefits operations onto their system.

4. Results: Streamlined Payroll Operations and Compliance

Since partnering with UZIO, our client has experienced significant improvements in their payroll operations, compliance, and overall efficiency. The results achieved include:

1. Time Savings and Efficiency

By transitioning to UZIO’s advanced payroll platform, our client has saved valuable time and resources. Automating payroll processes and leveraging UZIO’s intuitive workflows have reduced manual tasks, enabling the team to focus on more strategic initiatives. The client estimates saving approximately 10 hours per week previously spent on payroll processing, allowing them to allocate resources to other critical areas of their business.

2. Enhanced Accuracy and Reduced Errors

Payroll errors can be costly and time-consuming to rectify. With UZIO’s precise calculations and robust system, our client has experienced a significant reduction in payroll errors. The automated system accurately calculates wages, deductions, and tax obligations, minimizing the risk of mistakes. As a result, our client has reduced payroll errors by an impressive 50%, improving their overall payroll accuracy and compliance.

3. Compliance with Payroll Regulations

Navigating the intricate web of payroll regulations is particularly challenging for cannabis businesses. UZIO’s expertise in cannabis compliance has proven invaluable for our client. UZIO stays up to date with the evolving legal landscape, ensuring that our client’s payroll operations align with all relevant federal, state, and local regulations. With UZIO’s guidance, our client has achieved increased compliance with payroll regulations, mitigating the risk of penalties and legal complications.

5. Conclusion: UZIO - A Reliable Partner for Cannabis Payroll

Our client’s experience with UZIO exemplifies the transformative impact of finding the right payroll and HR partner. Despite the unexpected disruption caused by Paychex’s withdrawal of services, our client successfully navigated the challenges and emerged stronger with UZIO’s support.

UZIO’s specialized expertise, proprietary technology platform, and seamless implementation have empowered our client to streamline their payroll operations, enhance compliance, and achieve significant time and cost savings. Their partnership with UZIO has not only resolved their immediate payroll challenges but also positioned them for long-term success in the rapidly evolving cannabis industry.

As a highly satisfied client, our client enthusiastically recommends UZIO’s payroll and HR solutions to other cannabis businesses seeking a reliable and tailored payroll partner. Through UZIO, cannabis businesses can gain the confidence, compliance, and efficiency needed to thrive in an industry marked by constant change and complex regulations.

To know more about UZIO payroll solution for the Cannabis Industry and get in touch with us for an expert-led demo.